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Tiger balm is for the human body what duct tape is for objects.
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Is it me, or do conspiracy theories grow more and more popular around these parts ? I had a discussion with another student and he told me that he learned in his class that "september 11th was an inside job".
This way of thinking troubes me because it focusses more on pinpointing the blame of all evils of the world on someone else ( The illuminati, the bush administration, the freemasons or lizard people). And it shifts the problems away from a political level and conceptualizes the citizen as a pure victim that is being oppressed by an unseen force.
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The heroes episode that aired on monday was great. It was too Nikkicentric amd I just don't think that I like her character all that much. The whole Claire subplot was geat, though. I'm starting to like the Horn Rimmed Glasses Man more and more though and his character is developping greatly. My wife automatically cast him as one of the bad guys. I, however, wouldn't be too sure about that. We'll see, I guess. I'm really looking forwardto seeing Peter and Hiro teaming up.

I still have about 40 exams to correct. I feel really guilty about giving bad scores to some students but alot of them just are way off track. I'm really not looking forward to having to look atthem in the eyes in class once the scores are out. I guess this is something that we get used to.

I can't believe that the next "Astonishing X-Men" trade won't be out till january. Josh Whedon really takes his time to write. It's well worth it, though. X-Men haven't been as fun to read since the Claremont days.

Come to think of it, Heroes' narrative technique remidns me alot of the Claremont era X-Men. Must be why I like it so much.

For the most part, they don't treat modern comic icons like they used to. Don't even get me started on the Brubaker run on Daredevil.

Oh and strangelilkitty rocks. She's given me enough hope about winding up in New York and invading the New School's hallways.
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The geek in my lives once more. The end of this episode just leaves me wanting even more. It must be the comic book overtone of the whole thing. I just love how Hiro pulls off a Kitty Pryde in a "Days of future past"-style cliffhanger. I can honestly say that this is the first TV show that's got me hooked in years, the last one being "My so-called life", wich was aired in what seems to me like a lifetime ago.
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Communication studies trouble me in a moral and ethical sense. Big time. I don't know if I'm going to carry on in this field. Perhaps a Masters in a more traditional discipline would be better suited for a man of my academical background. Maybe an MA in philosophy, but I would have to find a university that's into political philosophy. Can't stand analytical philosophy, so I,d rather go for continental philosophy. I could go back to sociology, but methodological sociology nores me. I'd rather get into theory. Then again, sticking around and finishing up my year of scolarity in communications wouldn't be such a bad idea either. I'll be able to do pretty much what I want when I start my MA thesis. One way or another, there is simply no way I'm gonna do my Ph.D. in comunications.

I was thinking about moving to New York for my Ph.D to study at the New School. http://www.socialresearch.newschool.edu/

At 1200$ per credit, I was wondering how the hell you americans manage to pay for your studies?
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